What About Neutrality?

Post card sent in 1942 from Petach Tikwa to Basle (Switzerland) stamped with British censorship P.63 hand stamp and unexpected Nazi Germany red censorship. Evidence is clear: the Nazis checked correspondence sent to Switzerland. Foreign post card rate was 10 mils as of July1, 1940.

Wasn’t Switzerland supposed to be a neutral country? Wasn’t Switzerland the one to ask Nazi Germany to introduce the shameful “J” for Jude in the German Jews’ passports to prevent them from crossing the border”

In the 90s the Switzerland’s Ex-Federal Finance Minister Kaspar Villiger publicly apologized for the behavior of the government in the decades of the 30sand 40s. It should also be recalled that in 1943, when they learned of the situation of the Jews in Nazi Germany, the Swiss people did protest against the government policy and opened the border to save hundreds of Jews.