The Society of Israel Philatelists, inc.

We are an organization promoting Holy Land philately through a wealth of information including

  • quarterly publication – The Israel Philatelist
  • slide presentations and
  • Educational Bookstore
  • an online research library

The Society has the foundations in place to succeed in the twenty-first century. Membership continues to be strong and dedicated to education and exhibiting. New leaders like Ed Kroft, Dr. Bob Pildes and Michael Bass have set policies in motion to attract more members. Advertising in major publications and participation in stamp shows is at an all-time high for the society.

Don Chafetz has taken over editorship of The Israel Philatelist and has brought it into a level of colorful standards where writers can share their research. The Endowment is growing towards insuring the long-range viability of Holy Land and Israel stamp collecting.

Advancements in technology and communications via the Internet will assist the Society in drawing people with a broad interest in philately and more specifically, in Holy Land history.

These foundations, begun over 60 years ago, will bring the Society to a new level in the years to come.